Our Story

Why did we create the 3 barn Swallows store? First, we love jewelry. Jewelry has been inspiring the history of humankind for centuries. With their deep colors, perfect shapes and pure, precious materials, jewels, and gemstones are part of human fashion. Second, we are Hungarians and we want (and we can) to give you a piece of our folk art and culture which dates back to the ancient and mysterious past.

We are Shanya, Zita, and Ben, also known as the 3 Barn Swallows.

Like the barn swallows for, two parts of the world are our home. Our roots are Hungarians, so we know well the Hungarian folk arts and culture and the Hungarian spirit. The unique art of this culture that we bring to you.

We searched for artists, whom already well known in Europe and for talented artisans whose unique design and masterpieces are inspired by the Hungarian folk art motifs.

The world famous Hollohaza Porcelain Manufactory brings to life the dreams of the famous Hungarian designers, like Regina Kaintz, Judit Dora, Erika Suto.

Our artisans, Edit Tolgyesy and Dora Salamon work with ancient materials and ancient techniques, using their own hands and hearts, to create masterpieces.

Behind each piece of jewelry are two stories and the person who created it. The ancient history of substance and the story of what the artist envisioned and which is embodied in the jewel. And the creators' heart, soul, emotions.

The other half of our jewelry is from an American Manufactory. They are machine made but the finest sterling silver jewelry with exceptional gemstones and crystals, and pearls. The pearl jewelry always represents something chic, something elegant something luxury. As I call them, the gems of the sea. 

As I say it's not your average silver. There is a pile on jewel from Texas artisans, craftsman pieces of ancient Roman glass jewelry from Israel and custom-made sterling jewelry from Africa.

You see, our artisans and manufactory only use ancient stones, metals, and materials that have been used for jewelry since the beginnings of Human history.